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mojo brings dynamic lighting into your space.

Let clouds roll overhead, sunrise and sunset dance, and music come to life with our lighting visualizations.

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Smart. Real smart.

Distributed lighting for the customer:

Integrated lighting for the manufacturer:

Our Mojenisis

Finding a Retirement Home for the Edison Socket

It’s been a great run. The Edison Socket has proved to be one of the greatest inventions ever, arguably more so than the lightbulb it housed. Really though, they were a critical pair. The incandescent bulb has a fatal flaw┬áin terms of its relatively short lifespan. Without a very easy way to replace them, they […]

Creatures of Light

 We are visual beings. For millennia, man rose and slept with the sun, a routine that has molded the circadian rhythms that stem from our bodies’ natural hormonal clock to be regulated, largely, by light. Our alertness, productivity, mood, and health are all directly driven by the intensity, hue, and spectrum of the light around […]


The seeds for mojo were planted long before any of us thought of the concept for the company. In fact, I’d say the path that led us to where we are today began when my co-founders and I stepped foot in our college dorm rooms at MIT and flicked the switch to turn on the […]

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